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SR20MV/SR22MV Single-Drum Vertical Vibratory Road Roller
SR20MV/SR22MV Single-Drum Vertical Vibratory Road Roller
SR20MV/SR22MV is an extra-heavy-duty road roller driven by vertical vibratory mechanism, with the performance indicators completely supe...
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● Shangchai SC8D series turbocharged diesel engine is jointly developed with Austrian AVL, featuring prominent performances, high reliability, and good fuel economy, and is one mainstream ins

● It’s equipped with Shantui’s new structure vibratory steel drum, modular vibration exciter, imported bearings, and oil lubrication system of powered circulation, featuring higher centrifugal force and higher operating quality.

● The vibratory pumps and vibratory motors adopts the international renowned products to guarantee the high stability and reliability and power centrifugal force of the vibration system and provide the user with an ideal machine of high operating quality.

● The uniform amplitude design technology of steel drum and the optimized weight distribution data of the machine are adopted to perfectly combine with the exclusive working system of “vertical vibration”. This product has reached the domestic leading level in terms of compacting performance, working efficiency, and energy consumption. The shock wave generated by the vertical vibratory compacting achieves the minimum influence on the surrounding environment (the lives of residents and the buildings) of the working site. 

● Its compacting degree can promote by 1~2% than that of the “circumferential vibratory” road roller of same model to improve the carrying capacity and service life of the road by approximately 50%. Compared with a “circumferential vibratory” road roller, this product can achieve two times of comprehensive compacting efficiency, double the compacting depth, and save the energy consumption by approximately 80%, featuring high cost performance. 

● The machine adopts streamline rear hood and three-stage shock-absorbing system, with novel appearance design and reasonably arranged handles and switches. The humanized design remarkably improves the operation comfort. The cab features high beauty and elegance and broad visual field. With the integration of the noise reduction and dust-proof R&D philosophy and lean manufacture philosophy, it provides the driver with best driving environment and feeling.

● It’s equipped with electro-hydraulically controlled power shift fixed shaft transmission manufactured with the German ZF technologies, featuring stable and robust power transmission and convenient operations.

● The large angle openable hood make the maintenances of engine and hydraulic system easier. The maintenance-free battery and the reasonably arranged hydraulic oil tank and diesel tank save the time and labor for the maintenances.

Technical Parameters
Length × width × height (mm)6229×2345×3180Total weight (kg)19800 21900
Front wheel weight (kg)9900 10900Theoretical gradeability (%)30
Vibratory drum width (mm)2150Static linear load (N/cm)460 507
High vibration amplitude2.1Low vibration amplitude1.1
Vibration frequency (high/low) (Hz)33/28Centrifugal force (high/low) (kN)332/240 360/260
Engine modelShangchai SC8D175 Shangchai SC8D185Rated power128 136