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SR14D-3 Double-Drum Road Roller
SR14D-3 Double-Drum Road Roller
SR14D-3 new generation high-frequency electronically controlled double-drum vibratory road roller adopts the modular frame structure and...
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● The imported U.S. Cummins QSB4.5 engine features strong power, stable and reliable performances, and good fuel economy. With the application of constant speed control, the engine can automatically adjust to idling state under non-working condition to save fuel. The temperature controlled fan design and the load-sensing system technology save the fuel cost for the user.

● The vibratory drums adopt the uniform amplitude design, in which the vibration edge and the drive edge are arranged in staggered manner to realize more uniform compaction and smoother road.

● The design of flexible startup and flexible stop can prevent the occurrence of soil sediment during startup and stop of machine.

● The speed control knob is equipped to set up the working speed and impact cycles so that every working cycle is working under step frequency to realize better compacting uniformity.

● The water tank up to 1,100L capacity remarkably prolongs the working time, with two filler ports and two outlet ports.

● SR14D-3 vibration system includes two frequencies, namely 51Hz and 67Hz, and its working efficiency is promoted by >34% than that of traditional machines. The 0.3mm low vibration amplitude is especially suitable for compacting thin layers and bridge surface layers and the 0.8mm high vibration amplitude can be used for compacting thick layers, featuring high compacting efficiency.

● The electrohydraulic control adopts the internally supplied units and the advanced matching design and sophisticated control technology guarantee reasonable vibration start and stop times and good compacting uniformity.

● The spacious and bright cab features excellent comfort and visual field.

● The slidable and 180o rotatable control console can be adjusted depending on the operator’s needs.

● The high resolution display screen can clearly display the information for the water level, oil level, water temperature, oil temperature, frequency, and impact cycles to provide a comfortable environment for the operations.

● SR14D-3 provides good visual field and driving comfort for the accurate operations.

● The gull-wing engine hood design is adopted. When the gull-wing hoods on two sides are opened, the engine and hydraulic pump are completely revealed in the operation range so that the maintenances points can be fulfilled on the ground. The merely 40L hydraulic oil tank can save the maintenance cost for the user. The water sprinkling system is located on the lower portion of the machine body to ease the cleaning of water sprinkler filter and nozzle and the water drainage in cold days.

Technical Parameters
Length × width × height (mm)5208×2297×3060Total weight(kg)14000
Front wheel weight (kg)7000Theoretical gradeability (%)30
Vibratory drum width (mm)2130Static linear load (N/cm)322/322
High vibration amplitude0.8Low vibration amplitude0.3
Vibration frequency (high/low) (Hz)67/51Centrifugal force (high/low) (kN)170/112
Engine modelCummins QSB4.5