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SR26T/SR30T Wheel Road Roller
SR26T/SR30T Wheel Road Roller
"SR26T/SR30T heavy-duty wheel road roller adopts special inflated tires to compact the additional layer without damaging the compac...
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● Shangchai SC8D156G2B1 turbocharged diesel engine is a product of wisdom jointly developed by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. and Austrian AVL, featuring prominent performances, high reliability, and good fuel economy, and is one mainstream installed engine in China’s construction machinery industry.

● The drive system adopts the hydraulic torque converter with automatic stepless speed change performance and power shift transmission for transmission of power, featuring steady startup, flexible gearshift operations, and great reduction of operator’s labor strength.

● The front four-tire and rear five-tire arrangement is adopted to achieve overlapped compacting effect in width-base plane, with the ground pressure up to 480KPa.

● The compacting effect can be effectively controlled by adding/removing the counterweights to improve the working efficiency. The oscillating mechanism is adopted for the front wheels to effectively and uniformly compacting the uneven working face and improve the working efficiency.

● The independent control system with two steering wheels and two seats and the electric gearshift joystick feature flexible reversing operations and high convenience and reliability.

● The design of streamline hood works with two-sided operation and wide-angle rearview mirrors to provide the operator with a broad visual field.

● The spacious and bright cab can be equipped with optional heating and air conditioning system depending on different working environments.

● The intermittent water sprinkling system is adopted to meet the demands of diversified working conditions, effectively use the water pump, prolong the service life of water pump, and improve the working efficiency.

● Two brake systems (emergency brake system and handbrake) ensure the safety of personnel and machine during working.

● The emergency brake system adopts air-assisted hydraulic shoe brake system, with the total braking moment in excess of two times of ground friction moment, and the handbrake adopts diaphragm spring brake.

● The water sprinkling system with imported water pump meets the construction demands under diversified working conditions.

● The counterweights can be assembled and disassembled by forklift to ease the adjustment of overall operating weight and flexibly adapt to various working conditions.

● The tilting rear cover plate eases the checking and maintenances for critical parts, including drive axle and brake system booster cylinder.

● Large angle openable hood, 8-point central pressure measuring system, maintenance-free battery, real-time monitoring of pressures and temperatures, and reasonable arrangement of diesel and working oil tanks enable Shantui roller to realize excellent maintenance performance, shorten the shutdown time, and improve the utilization rate of whole machine.

Technical Parameters
Length × width × height (mm)5060×2892×3338Minimum operating weight (kg)16200
Maximum operating weight (kg)26000/30000Weight of counterweight blocks (kg)6280/10900
Weight of water counterweights (kg)2900Compacting width (mm)2750
Ground pressure (KPa)250-420/270-450Front/rear tire overlap (mm)50
Front wheel oscillation (mm)±50Gradeability (%)20
Engine modelShangchai SC8D156G2B1/Shangchai SC8D180G2B1Rated power/speed(kW/rpm)115/2000 132/2000
Number of tires5 front/6 rear