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SR26M-3 Mechanical Single-Drum Vibratory Road Roller
SR26M-3 Mechanical Single-Drum Vibratory Road Roller
SR26M-3 extra-heavy-load mechanical vibratory road roller integrates the advantages of domestic high-tonnage vibratory road rollers, fea...
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● Shangchai SC8D series turbocharged diesel engine is jointly developed with Austrian AVL, featuring prominent performances, high reliability, and good fuel economy, and is one mainstream installed engine in China’s construction machinery industry.

Vibration system

● Shantui’s patented new vibratory drum features more excellent structure and stability performances. The super-high lubricating oil capacity guarantees the good lubrication and cooling for the vibra 

● The vibratory pumps and vibratory motors adopt international renowned brand products to guarantee the reliability and compacting performance of the vibration system.

● The single gearshift joystick can effectively promote the working efficiency of the operator and relieve the fatigue. The imported comfortable and firm seat adjustable in longitudinal direction is equipped with the left and right foldable armrests and the retractable seat belt. 

● The cab is equipped with air conditioning system to provide a comfortable working environment and the rubber damper design isolates the operator from the vibration source to remarkably relieve the working strength.

● Two independent brake systems, namely service brake (foot brake) and parking brake (handbrake), feature stable braking, high safety and reliability, simple structure, and easy maintenances. 

● Standard double-amplitude function expands the application scope of the equipment. The high span between high and low centrifugal forces helps the establishment of compacting schemes for different density specifications. The design of the drum vibration parameters conforms to the requirements of working site and multiple optional equipment are provided to enhance the working condition adaptability of the machine. Large angle openable hood, maintenance-free battery, real-time monitoring of pressures and temperatures, and reasonable arrangement of diesel and working oil tanks enable Shantui road roller to realize excellent maintenance performance, shorten the shutdown time, and improve the utilization rate of whole machine.

Technical Parameters
Length × width × height (mm)6442×2432×3314Total weight (kg)26000
Front wheel weight (kg)13000Theoretical gradeability (%)30
Vibratory drum width (mm)2170Static linear load (N/cm)572
High vibration amplitude1.9Low vibration amplitude0.95
Vibration frequency (high/low) (Hz)32/27Centrifugal force (high/low) (kN)405/290
Engine modelShangchai SC8D190.2G2Rated power(kW)140
Number/height of padfoot (mm)132/95