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HBT60 (New) Trailer Pump Series
HBT60 (New) Trailer Pump Series
Maximum theoretical pumping capacity:55m3Maximum theoretic output pressure:6.7MPaConcrete distribution valve: Inclined gate valveConcret...
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● This product adopts the inclined gate valve, featuring good adaptability to concrete. The main hydraulic pump adopts constant power variable pump so that the concrete delivery volume can be adjusted manually or automatically depending on the construction needs to reasonably utilize the motor power. High pressure high displacement water pump is adopted to clear the residual concrete from the delivery pipe.

● This machine features advanced technical performance, high working efficiency, convenient operations, and good concrete casting quality and is applicable for the operations of industrial equipment foundations, dams, bridges, tunnels, and narrow sites with high concrete demand and high concrete quality. 

Technical Parameters

Mode  HBT60 (New) Trailer Pump Series
Pumping systemMaximum theoretical pumping capacitym355
Maximum theoretic output pressure Mpa6.7
Concrete distribution valve 
Inclined gate valve
Concrete slump rangemm80~230
Bore × travel of pumping cylindermmΦ195x1400
Bore × travel of main cylindermmΦ90x1400
Hopper capacity/loading height L/mm450/1400
Maximum aggregate sizemm40(125A)
Power systemPower/speedkW/r/min55/1480
OtherGross weightKg5000
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)mm6450x1820x2150