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Reducer Series
Reducer Series
By taking advantage of the design and manufacture experiences in the fields of torque converter and transmission, the reducer series tho...
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Technical Parameters
Reducer nameInstalled machine typeRated powerMaximum input speed (r/min)Maximum output torque(N.m)Reduction ratioReducer type
HB54008~10m3 Reducer for 8~10m3 concrete truck mixer-250054000135.3
HBJ658~10m3 Reducer for 8~10m3 concrete truck mixer-250065000120.3Two-stage planetary gear reduction
HBJ3000Reducer for concrete batching plant5513201600029.43Parallel shaft three-stage bevel-helical gear reducer
XJC16S39Reducer for concrete batching plant-14001630038.772
SD10YETraveling reducer for full-hydraulic bulldozer-4432415041.04